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Let’s talk about the fact that Sherlock sleeps naked.

The man freaking wears his pajamas around all day.

And then sleeps naked.

What even.

Sometimes I think this show exists just to sexually frustrate me. 

sorry but can we just

sherlock yawning

I was just looking at this and it’s suddenly like I’ve never watched this bit before

and i’m just looking at sherlock yawning

he’s yawning

sherlock holmes



he’s sleepy

he was just sleeping and he just woke up

and it’s cute

he’s yawning

^^^Where the fuck are your priorities woman?!

can we talk about the way he was obviously already on skype with john probably in the kitchen seeing as that’s where the laptop and his coffee are and john probably told him to go and put something on ‘a sheet at least?!’ and so he went into his room and emerged like this

conclusion: Sherlock was skyping with John naked.

conclusion: I fucking love this fandom

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